Magnetic outdoor circuit breaker housing

ABB has designed a next generation extreme weather resistant housing cabinet for its R-MAG magnetically actuated dead tank breaker for medium-voltage primary substations. Available for 15, 27, and 38kV units, the housing has been designed to the stringent NEMA 4 rating standards, offering protection against severe water and dust ingress. Featuring seamless roof-to-wall joints and external self-sealing bolts that prevent any gaps, the housing is completely secure and watertight. A new roof overhang also helps limit water exposure, plus the bushings-to-roof interface is secured by an aerospace-grade UV-resistant and robust gasket. Additionally, ABB is also releasing a new Arc Resistant housing variant for the R-MAG breaker. This new enclosure ensures any fire and gases are expulsed in a controlled manner in the event of an internal arc fault; there is increased protection for substation personnel on all sides of the equipment, much lower risk of failure and downtime, plus faster overall restoration of the system. Even better for OEMs, a three-point latch and self-aligning hinges help ensure a smooth and uniform door fit, while the enhanced position indicator window design also repels excess water levels. The footprints of the R-MAG 15 and 27kV units have even been reduced from 60" width down to 52" width, offering space and resource savings.



Volume: 2023 May/June