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Load break switches

20 Nov 2013

S6000 DC load break switchesWoehner USA has announced a range of Telergon’s new S6000 DC load break switches. The new switches can be used in string combiner boxes, re-combiner boxes, and inverters for DC applications. The design of the S6000 DC load break switch delivers a number of key benefits, ensuring the switch achieves a smaller footprint in PV combiner box and inverter applications. The elimination of bridging link accessories, for example, reduces the total installation space, cost of building the unit, and further saves on the amount of labor required. The switches are available for grounded and ungrounded systems, at ratings of 600 VDC to 1000 VDC, according to the UL98B standard.  Multiple configurations will be offered to optimize the switch input and output positions according to the customer’s panel design. 

Woehner USA

Volume: November/December 2013