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Lift modules safely and quickly New!

21 Jul 2022

The Solmetric Module Lift safely and quickly transports PV modules to a roof. No motors, lightweight, and sets up by one person in 5 minutes. It uses an existing fiberglass Werner or Louisville extension ladder. A pulley system attaches to the top of the ladder. A patented module "hook" secures the edge of a PV module frame and prevents lateral sliding of the module. An operator pulls the rope to raise the module. The module slides along the outward facing surface of the ladder rails. "Ramps" allow the module to slide over any discontinuities in the ladder surface (e.g. the step between sections in the ladder). The pulley assembly includes a brake that prevents the module from sliding back down the ladder in case the bottom operator releases the rope too soon. An operator at the top removes the module and releases the brake to lower the hook. The Solmetric Module Lift enables OSHA compliance. 

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Volume: 2022 July/August