Less land usage, higher yields

Schletter’s new SolFarm Agri-PV system is designed to maximize both agricultural yield and energy output. The system is made up of vertical rows of modules that are mounted in landscape to look like a wall or fence. This offers two key advantages. The first is that it keeps land coverage to an absolute minimum; less than 20% of the arable land is used, meaning more than 80% of the land can continue to be used for agriculture. The second is that the power yield is increased: a vertical system with bifacial modules in an east-west orientation generates PV power earlier in the morning and later in the evening. SolFarm allows for two modules above one another and up to three modules side by side between the support posts. The system can be installed on both flat and hilly terrain. Its modular design and adjustable clamping positions enable it to compensate for height variation in the terrain. The spacing of the rows is adjusted to the type of agriculture and is project dependent. With this new system, Schletter is expanding its product range and expertise in Agri-PV systems. Schletter’s 2P Tracking System has already been in use for several years on arable land around the world. 

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Volume: 2023 May/June