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LEM U.S.A. Inc.

20 Jan 2012

CTSR current transducers are for use in a range of safety-critical applications including solar installations. They accurately measure AC or DC residual or leakage currents, from 300 to 600 mARMS as nominal values, which can arise in fault conditions in a number of industrial or power-generation scenarios. Examples include solar panels that are coupled to a grounded distribution network, or in failure modes such as a short circuits or ground faults. The connection of a solar panel to the grid raises safety concerns; if a fault occurs there’s a potentially serious safety issue involving any human contact with the system. CTSR transducers measure the sum of all of the instantaneous currents flowing through their apertures, in single- or three-phase configurations, resulting in the residual-current monitored to ensure safety.

As seen in: 2012 Solar Buyers Guide
Volume: January/February 2012