Lead-free solar panel

REC Group’s latest high-efficiency solar panel, the new REC Alpha Pure-R, features heterojunction (HJT) cells in the large G12 format in a patented panel design, and delivers power output of up to 430Wp, while keeping the module under 21sq/ft. The REC Alpha Pure-R is suitable for residential installations where space is limited. The new panel features 80 half-cut HJT cells in a gapless cell layout. This makes it possible to maximize the power generating area of the panel and ensures an elegant, full black appearance. The advanced cell connection technology improves the current flow and eliminates invasive soldering, adding to the high efficiency and long-lasting performance. Additionally, the low temperature coefficient keeps the solar panel running efficiently even on hotter days, generating more energy for households. The REC Alpha Pure-R comes with a new four-part junction box. As a result, the panel can generate even more energy when partially shaded. REC’s 1.2'' frame with its two support bars, make the panel robust enough to withstand heavy loads up to 7000Pa snow load and up to 4000Pa wind load.

REC Group | www.recgroup.com


Volume: 2022 November/December