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Lead-acid batteries

20 Jul 2012

Lead-acid batteriesThe SF pasted plate battery is designed for maximum life and minimum maintenance. Utilizing a low-antimony selenium alloy creates a strong positive plate grid structure—with long life and better cycling capability. Lead-calcium negative plate grids reduce water consumption, increasing the interval between topping-up requirements. Ribbed microporous polymer and glass mat separators combine for low electrical resistance and higher electrolyte utilization. Jars of high-impact SAN are permanently bonded to ABS lids to form a leak-proof seal that lasts the entire life of the battery. Flame-arresting vent caps protect against explosions. The lead posts are formed around a solid copper core for increased conductivity. Connectors are also solid copper and plated to inhibit corrosion. Stainless steel hardware provides the complete corrosion-resistant connection.

HBL Batteries

Volume: July/August 2012