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Laser technology for CIGS metal coil inspection

18 Sep 2010

Laser technologyCIGS production on metal substrates critically depends upon pristine coil quality. Scratches, inclusions, bumps, and dents in the coil translate into efficiency loss due to shunts and shorts. The strip surface must be blemish-free and smooth. Traditional vision systems usually fail at detecting coil defects at the level required (2µm to 10µm) as missed defects and false hits result. Dark Field Technologies has modified its proven, patent-pending laser technology for the in-line inspection of shiny metal coils. This system utilizes proprietary dark field optics and high-speed scan cameras to easily detect scratches and other defects. The systems are 100% solid state, self-aligning, maintenance-free, and are simple to install. NxtGen ReflecXun systems deliver what the current vision systems cannot—high-resolution, reliable, consistent, 100% metrology of shiny steel and aluminum coils for all visual defects. Defect maps, alarms, defect clusters, repeating defects, and other capabilities ensure the quality of the coil, on-line, in real-time.  

Dark Field Technologies

Volume: Sep/Oct 2010