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Keystone Power Holdings Delivers More Solar Projects to Municipal Wastewater Sites in Illinois

18 Nov 2021

Keystone Power Holdings, LLC (Keystone), a renewable energy developer/owner of solar facilities, has delivered solar projects for wastewater treatment plants in the Cities of Georgetown and Abingdon, Illinois.  

The installations are now operational. Keystone developed, built and financed them with no up-front costs to the municipalities. The power generated is purchased at a discount to current utility rates. In the City of Georgetown, the project resulted in a 354 kW DC solar array installed on unused city property. To finance it, the city signed a long-term PPA with Keystone. Expected electricity savings in Year 1 are greater than 12%, representing hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the agreement.  

City of Georgetown Mayor Darin Readnour commented, “The solar installation brings down our costs for wastewater processing, saving taxpayer dollars and building on our commitment to renewable energy.” 

Similarly, in the City of Abingdon, Keystone worked with city administrators to plan and develop the 208 kW DC solar project. The project is on site and financed through a long term PPA. Expected electricity savings in Year 1 are projected to be greater than 18%, representing several hundred thousand dollars over the life of the agreement.  

“We were pleased to collaborate with Keystone to diversify the city’s energy sources,” said Ed Swearingen, Mayor of the City of Abingdon. “We will continue to find ways to shrink our carbon footprint while saving money, benefiting our residents.” 

“At Keystone, we believe in making solar energy adoption as easy as possible for our customers. Our collaborative approach with municipalities has been successful,” said William DePhillipo, co-founder of Keystone Power Holdings. “We’re happy to be actively building new partnerships in Illinois and beyond.” 

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