K2 Systems Launches Certification Program

man with paperK2 Systems has created its own training and certification program called K2 Pro. The K2 Pro Partnership is designed to go above and beyond what you normally expect from a vendor. This program includes active installation training and certification that you can use to promote and elevate your brand. K2 Systems' goal is to provide its partners with an increased level of support to help them grow their business and see continued success in the future! 

The online program is starting out with a chapter on composition shingle roofs, but more sections will be added throughout the year. Content will also be added and updated as industry standards change, and new products are released. Individual installers can register for the course and take it at their own pace. Once they complete the course, they'll be prompted to take an exam. Once they receive a passing score of 80% of higher, they will earn a certificate that can use for their resume and to share with customers. They will also earn a coupon code to redeem at the K2 Pro store. 

K2 Systems began this program as a way to support installation companies. During this unimaginable growth in the solar industry, K2 wants to ensure high quality standards are met and the end user is happy with their solar system. If companies are interested in certifying their entire team, they can request in person trainings from K2 Systems' Training department. Companies can use K2 Pro as an onboarding tool to ensure every new hire knows how to install K2 racking and solar systems with best practices in mind. Companies will also receive collaboration from the K2 Systems marketing team that will aim to elevate your brand. 

K2 Pro Online Training | https://k2pro.k2-systems.com/