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Intelligent energy management and servicing support

15 Nov 2020

Fronius Solar.web makes energy flows transparent and enables updates, analyses, and maintenance to be carried out remotely. Installers can prepare for every customer appointment and impress with a high quality of service. The energy management tool now offers two new features to maximize the rate of self-consumption and degree of autonomy: it demonstrates the advantages of water heating and battery storage based on the system operator's own actual data. The particular strength of Solar.web is presenting energy flows clearly and comprehensibly. These can be called up conveniently on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. On the dashboard, system operators always have an overview of the yield and consumption values of their PV system, either in real time or as monthly and seasonal figures. The overview is supplemented by an amortization display, the cumulative CO2 savings, and a 48-hour yield forecast based on the weather forecast. If applicable, the battery charge status and water heating are also displayed. In combination with a Fronius Smart Meter as a bidirectional consumption meter, customers can see how much electricity they produce, consume, feed into the grid, or obtain from it. This balance indicates how much potential is still available for self-consumption or storage.

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Volume: 2020 November/December