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Instant sealing

06 Jul 2016

3M Extreme Sealing Tape provides instant sealing that rolls on fast and looks good while increasing productivity throughput with no drying time. Easy to use, the Extreme Sealing Tape sticks on contact to many metals and plastics without dripping, oozing, or clean up, and conforms over contours, edges, rivets, and screw heads for a water tight "seal", holding securely through sun, rain, snow, temperature, and humidity extremes. Applicable to a variety of applications, Extreme Sealing Tape has resistance to many common industrial solvents, stays flexible to compensate for vibration and thermal expansion / contraction, doesn't crack or crumble, and provides resistance to abrasion and high pressure washing. Options include two thicknesses offering regular or low profile, as well as three color options to match most applications.

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Volume: 2016 July/August