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Industrial deep-cycle batteries

20 Jul 2012

Industrial deep-cycle batteriesTrojan Battery Company has expanded its industrial line offering of deep-cycle batteries for renewable energy and backup power applications to include two new sizes. The new two-volt additions are designed to make transport and installation of the batteries easier, as well as offer more design flexibility for a variety of PV applications. The industrial batteries include the IND27-2V model, featuring a 1457Ah capacity at C20, and the IND33-2V version, which offers a 1794 Ah capacity at C20. The industrial line is designed to support large, daily loads where the batteries are cycled regularly in a range of PV systems including micro-grids, off-grid resorts, rural telecom applications, and more.  

To enhance safety, these batteries also feature customizable terminal protectors, which increase protection against shock or short-circuiting and terminal corrosion. The protectors feature perforated cut-outs along the sides and top, enabling them to be customized to fit the specific cable configuration required by customer.

Trojan Battery Company

Volume: July/August 2012