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Increase inspection accuracy  New!

07 Nov 2022

Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, introduced the FlexView dual field-of-view (DFOV) lens attachment for FLIR Axxx and Txxx Series thermography cameras designed to improve operational efficiency, safety, and accuracy from switchyards to the plant floor. With a single form factor just 6mm longer than the standard single-lens setup, operators now can have two lenses without adding weight while enjoying a smooth experience operating the camera and reducing inspection time in the field. FlexView also offers fully radiometric performance and imaging quality, resulting in the ability to measure and record the temperature of every pixel in the scene for improved decision support. The FlexView DFOV Lens can also minimize risk in the field, as fewer lens changes mean users are less likely to damage sensitive camera parts while staying focused on the task at hand. With the ability to get more pixels on target versus a single lens system, operators can also increase the distance between themselves and potentially dangerous equipment. This will help the operator avoid arch flashes or exposure to compromised equipment all without sacrificing accuracy or missing potential issues.  

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Volume: 2022 November/December