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AlsoEnergy announces the release of PowerTrack Web. This new platform provides web browser access for all users, and it helps users complete daily work faster. PowerTrack Web is built using the universal HTML5 programming language. This enables web access for users with Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Designed for universal compatibility and fast performance, PowerTrack Web is a streamlined version of the original PowerTrack application. It supports the most critical and frequently used functionality of the original PowerTrack platform, including real-time data at portfolio, site, and device level; aggregated and itemized portfolio overviews; analytics and full charting functionality; and alerts status and acknowledgement. PowerTrack Web joins the existing products in the PowerTrack application family, including PowerTrack IE (for use with Explorer browser); PowerTrack Desktop (available for Windows or Mac); and PowerTrack Mobile. Many users will employ PowerTrack Web in conjunction with other PowerTrack platforms. Since all PowerTrack programs are built for interaction with the same back-end server system, actions executed in one platform are immediately visible and actionable on the other platforms. Users may move back and forth between versions with no fear of losing work. 

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Volume: 2017 May/June