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High-speed ground mounted cleaning system

15 Sep 2019

The SOLA-TECS F system was developed for cleaning PV modules on ground mounted systems. With the F system horizontal oriented brush movement, it is possible to clean from 80" (2000mm) to the height of a mounted system up to 13ft (4000mm) with a high rate of speed not achieved by other manual methods, from 3300 to 6600 sq. ft. per hour. The SOLA-TECS F is rugged and uncomplicated, with no batteries or electrical system, and is made entirely of mechanical components which can be adjusted on-site. The F system was designed as a modular construction kit for full flexibility by adding or removing carriages. High pressurized water powers the rollers spinning action which gently but effectively cleans the panels with little effort. The SOLA-TECS F system is hand operated by two workers and its brush bar can be swiveled at the end of the row, producing a thorough cleaning end to end. It can also jump gaps up to 12". Furthermore, water is distributed throughout the entire width of the brush ensuring even cleaning from frame to frame. Cleantecs GmbH in Germany has been producing high quality cleaning products for over 30 years and is constantly adapting the process of solar panel cleaning. ProSolarClean, LLC, professional solar panel cleaners in California, represents the Sola-Tecs products in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central, and South America.




Volume: 2019 September/October