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High-capacity battery

20 Sep 2012

Trojan Battery’s new 2-Volt, deep-cycle, high-capacity battery additions to its Industrial Line are engineered to offer more design flexibility for solar applications, while allowing for easy transport. The new IND27-2V battery has a 1457 Ah capacity at C20, and the IND33-2V battery has a 1794 Ah capacity at C20. Trojan’s Industrial line is designed to support large daily loads, where the batteries are cycled regularly in various PV applications, such as off-grid homes and resorts, micro-grids, and rural telecom applications. The company also features a new “Made in the USA” 12-Volt AGM battery, rated at 140 AH at the C20 rate.
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As seen in: Solar Power International 2012 Show-in-Print
Volume: September/October 2012