Hazardous location C1D2 solar panel with batteries

Larson Electronics has released a new hazardous location solar powered panel system with batteries that is rated for use in Class I Division 2 hazardous locations, where off-grid power is required or desired for continuing operations in remote or temporary environments. This solar powered control system features four, 190W solar panels and four 12V 250aH 8D batteries. The HAL-SPSM-.75KW-12V-1000AH from Larson Electronics is a solar panel unit designed specifically for Class I Division 2 hazardous. This four solar panel unit includes four 12V 250aH 8D batteries, which provide reliable power for connected equipment. Runtime for this system is 72 hours maximum (no sun is present) when powering one 190W 12V electrical device. A heavy-duty powder coated, corrosion resistant aluminum enclosure protects the valve regulated lead acid batteries and controls, and features pad-lockable hasps for defense against tampering. This unit is also included with circuit breakers offering short circuit protection. The solar panels are mounted via a skid mount fame for flat surfaces, and the battery enclosure can be mounted on poles or on the floor with rear-access U-bolts. 

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Volume: 2019 May/June