Grid/hybrid inverters

Designed to overcome consumer “fear factor” over changes in utility policies and sell-back options, while encouraging them to move forward with solar, OutBack Power’s newly expanded Grid/Hybrid Radian family adds GridZero technology to an existing complement of operational modes. This allows owners to be completely off-grid, grid-tied when it makes sense, or to “zero out” their grid use by using their renewable or stored energy for self-consumption (drawing on the grid only when needed). 

This capability, plus Outback’s Advanced Battery Charging, which accommodates emerging battery technologies (including lithium-ion), makes the new Radians ready for any current and future energy storage and conversion needs. Available in North America and globally, Radians come in various, scalable sizes, as well as different voltages, frequencies, and wiring characteristics.

Outback Power

Volume: May/June 2014