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Global wind & solar datasets

20 May 2014

Until recently, gaining access to high-quality global wind and solar resource information from a reliable, consistent source wasn’t always an option. Yet, this information is vital to a wide variety of fields, including energy development. 3TIER, a Vaisala company, has announced the public release of wind and solar annual averages from its global datasets and as part of Google’s Map Gallery launch. Through its collaboration with Google, 3TIER has made this contribution to the global community, vastly improving access to wind and solar resource information by making it freely available to researchers and the general public in Google’s popular and widely used platform. With better visibility into renewable resources, policy makers, companies, and consumers can now make better decisions about how to unlock the value of a clean economy. 3TIER’s wind and solar datasets are currently the most advanced global datasets ever created, providing a sophisticated alternative to publicly available sources.

Access to 3TIER’s datasets within Google's Map Gallery is available at:



Volume: May/June 2014