GameChange Solar Announces Inaugural ESG Report

GameChange Solar ("GCS") announces it has developed a three-year plan to manage and scale environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues across four strategic pillars: repower, rethink, empower and governance. Each pillar of strategy has a clear line of responsibility to a management team representative along with specific markers of progress. At the same time, GCS will ensure efforts are not siloed and instead reflect the cross-functional challenges inherent to creating a sustainable business.

2022 ESG Headlines:
•   37M Metric Tonnes of carbon emissions avoided annually by generating electricity on GameChange Solar Systems
•   Carbon Intensity reduced by 21% (2021 vs 2022)
•   Strengthened Vendor Qualification Process to help build a more sustainable supply chain
•   Launched 3-year ESG strategy and published first report

Significant in this year’s report is the establishment of goals to be achieved in 2023:
•    Implement & audit vendor qualification process for material commodity vendors
•    Evaluate the implementation of ISO 14001 & ISO 45001
•    Increase recycled steel from 15% to 30% from 2022 to 2023
•    Evaluate Scope 3 Indirect emissions for steel and transportation
•    Establish DDI targets in 2023

Phillip Vyhanek, President & COO of GameChange Solar, stated: "I am delighted to share our inaugural ESG report.  The strategy presented results from tremendous effort and determined focus from across our business. Every member of our team has been fully engaged in bringing this plan to fruition.  As a result, we have transformed the values that have been at the heart of our activities since our founding into a rigorous blueprint for the future."

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