Flexible rapid cure solution

The Sulzer MIXPAC MixCoat system is a solution for the problems plaguing small and touch-up applications in roofing. The MixCoat system solves problems roofing companies face in applying rapid cure materials. With MixCoat, when applying rapid cure sealants, only an air compressor and a MixCoat spray system is needed, and preparation time can be reduced from 2-4 hours to 15 minutes. Due to the MixCoat's use of cartridges, very small areas can be coated while minimizing coating waste, and partially used cartridges can be recapped and reused for the next project. The prefilled cartridges also protect the applicator from direct contact with unmixed material, adding another layer of safety. In addition, the MixCoat system uses low pressure compressed air, 7 bar (100 psi). MixCoat's low pressure air assisted systems also produce far less overspray, reducing the risk of environmental pollutants and unintentional property damages. Furthermore, MixCoat equipment is affordable and is easy to use. It is a simple and cost-effective method for rapid cure coating technology.

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