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Fast inspection software algorithms for IBC cells

12 Sep 2016

ISRA VISION/GP SOLAR’s KFP Light Dome enables different lighting set-ups, allowing high contrast for even the smallest details. By using different types of lighting in their multi-view approach, ISRA and GP SOLAR have succeeded in developing a reliable way to inspect difficult technologies like PERC cells, and the finished products of plating or multiple coating processes. But unlike these inspection tasks, IBC inspection can no longer be achieved through high resolution for defining finger widths alone. IBC cells have wide fingers, but defective positioning and tiny pinholes during the process can lead to severely impaired cell efficiency. Having enabled rear contact inspection by creating sharply contoured images even on colored surfaces, ISRA VISION/GP SOLAR’s multi-view technology has reached the next level for IBC inspection. By changing the angle of the incident light to add different types of lighting, ISRA has successful results in IBC inspection. The robust software enables cycle times of less than one second for controlling and monitoring IBC processing, allowing highly efficient production with same yield as with standard technology. This forms the basis of efficiency of more than 23% in industrial-scale cell technologies, a level that has been reserved for tiny laboratory cells for decades.


Volume: 2016 September/October