Expanded size range

Driven by innovation and market demand. The ARCA - IEC is a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel NEMA cabinets or fiberglass enclosures. These NEMA 4X hinged electrical enclosures come in three new sizes offering more solutions. Ranging in size from 12”x 8”x 6" to 32”x 24”x 12" Fibox now offers the following additional sizes: 12"x 12"x 8", 16”x 16"x 8”, 20"x 20"x 8". The ARCA is manufactured in Fibox's Wi-Fi-friendly polycarbonate, a rust-free, high-impact plastic. The components stay dry and dust-free, partly due to the formed-in-place PUR gasket, and therefore this watertight seal protects in the rain, sleet, and snow. The ARCA - IEC is a NEMA 4 cabinet enclosure solution to save time and money.

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Volume: 2023 March/April