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Esdec Solar Group Receives Bronze Certification for Advancements on DEIJ Issues

16 Nov 2022

Esdec Solar Group announced today that it has received Bronze certification through the Diversity Equity Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) Certification Program from the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA). SEIA has around 1,000 member companies. Of those, only 19 have achieved Bronze status. Earning this certification demonstrates the Esdec Solar Group’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace and culture in the solar industry.

The Esdec Solar Group has begun the process of achieving Silver certification, which includes a focused look at our hiring practices, benefits policies, management training, and more.

Rich Tiu, CEO of Esdec Solar Group U.S. says of the certification, “At Esdec Solar Group, we see a tight linkage between a corporate culture that strongly supports Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) and the broader organizational objective of being a company rooted in Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. This isn’t only because we are a renewables company focused on improving the environment for generations to come but because DEIJ is embedded in one of our core values: “We are One Family.” Being one family includes but is not limited to supporting and caring for each other while embracing our diversity. In addition, we treat people with respect regardless of their status or opinions. This corporate culture isn’t just internal, but I’ve been told our suppliers, business partners, and customers also feel it. Therefore, DEIJ and ESG are linked and so important to our evolving corporate culture and longer-term company objectives.”

Diversity certified professionals created the program that uses evidence-based approaches to improve diversity practices within companies. The program guides participants through a broad range of modules covering various diversity topics and requires completion of the activities. This creates a more inclusive work environment while serving the communities we work in, and helps to attract, hire, promote, and retain diverse talent. Companies earn levels of certification by completing each series of modules.

Diversity and Inclusion are fundamental building blocks to a healthy work culture and realizing the potential of Esdec Solar Group’s people, organization, and the solar industry overall. SEIA’s DEIJ certification program provides guidance and resources to not only evaluate Esdec Solar Group’s DEI practices but to create real change by taking action.

The program is designed to help renewable energy companies make progress from wherever they are on the DEIJ journey, and encourages participation from companies of all sizes, regardless of their budget or resources. Learn more about the program at

Esdec Solar Group is a leading developer and distributor of professional rooftop solar racking and mounting systems and solutions for both residential and commercial roofs. Developed for installers, by installers, its in-house R&D team has simplified installations with some of the fastest, most economical solutions on the market. Production is outsourced to third parties, after which the systems are assembled and distributed to wholesalers, EPC contractors, solar integrators, or installers directly.

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