Ergononic pistol-grip tool

BURNDY, is pleased to announce the introduction of the PAT500SJ Series — a Pistol-Grip Style 6-Ton 18V Lithium-Ion battery powered crimper with interchangeable cutting jaws available. This new tool offers superior balance and advanced ergonomics reducing operator fatigue.
The PAT500SJ Series accepts all BURNDY standard “W” and “X” style crimping dies and offers Copper crimping capacity from #8 wire up to 500 kcmil and #8 wire to 350 kcmil for Aluminum cable. With the interchangeable cutter jaw, the PAT500SJ allows for Copper cuts up to 500 kcmil, Aluminum cuts up to 636 kcmil and ACSR cuts up to 556 kcmil.
Built on the BURNDY INFINITY DRIVE engine platform to deliver 6 tons of consistent force, the PAT500SJ Series incorporates engineering technology with a patented high-speed hydraulic pump system, and field proven electronics offering high-performance, speed, and a consistent and reliable connection. Other features include a state of the art crimping head design, and an audible “pop-off” indicating a properly completed crimp. BURNDY offers a lifetime warranty on the INFINITY DRIVE transmission, a 5-year limited warranty (excluding blades) for the tool and a 1-year limited warranty on the batteries and charger.