Enstall Joins Agile Electrification Project as Founding Sponsor

Enstall, the global leader in solar mounting and digital solutions, has joined the Agile Electrification Project (Agile) as a Founding Sponsor. The project, a partnership with the University of California-San Diego and industry leaders, has been launched to help protect California's 17,000 solar jobs by reducing costs and barriers to home electrification. The Agile Electrification Project is initially launching with research projects designed to improve bill calibration modeling, advance accurate customer proposals, and increase homeowner's access to incentives. Enstall is dedicated to supporting continuous innovation and product development to accelerate solar adoption.

"We're delighted to be a founding sponsor of the Agile Electrification Project to help protect solar jobs in California. Initiatives like this fit perfectly with Enstall's efforts to make solar installation fast, safe, and easy. We're dedicated to developing digital tools and hardware that help installers simplify the process of home electrification," said Joris Tinbergen, VP Global Digital at Enstall. "California's new NEM rules will require innovation and new solutions to maintain growth."

"Enstall has shown tremendous industry leadership by supporting the Agile Electrification Project. Their commitment to bringing residential solar contractors into the electrification era is currently laying the foundation for the next era of our industry. We look forward to working with their innovation team to further accelerate this important transformation," said Andrew Krause, CEO Northern Pacific Power Systems and initiator of the Agile Electrification Project.

The Enstall family of brands, IronRidge, EcoFasten, PanelClaw, Esdec, Blubase, CPX, and Sunfer, share the mission to accelerate solar adoption. Enstall's companies invest heavily in research and development to increase the industry's capacity by developing mounting and digital solutions that make solar installation fast, easy, and safe. The company's digital tools have been utilized millions of times by installers to create solutions for every type of roof.

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