Engineered Materials Systems Debuts Low-Cost Conductive Adhesive for Stringing or Shingling Solar Modules

Engineered Materials Systems, a leading global supplier of conductive interconnect materials for photovoltaic applications, introduces its new DB-1541-S9 Low-Cost Conductive Adhesive for stringing or shingling applications in crystalline silicon and thin-film solar modules. DB-1541-S9 is designed to electrically interconnect solar cells using ribbons or direct cell to cell contact. 
The adhesive is stress absorbing to withstand the rigors of thermal cycling and features excellent conductive stability to cell and ribbon metallization during damp heat exposure. Additionally, the conductive adhesive is designed to gel rapidly and then complete cure through the encapsulant lamination and cure process. DB-1541-S9 is approximately 50 percent lower cost than standard silver filled conductive adhesives.
The DB-1541-S9 conductive adhesive is the latest addition to Engineered Conductive Materials’ full line of conductive adhesives for photovoltaic applications.
Engineered Material Systems