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Energy management & storage system

20 Mar 2013

Energy management & storage systemJoule.System from Demand Energy is an intelligent energy management and modular storage system that’s enhancing the acquisition, control, and use of electricity at the edge of the utility grid. In commercial and industrial buildings, this retrofit solution interfaces digital intelligence and energy storage with building management systems—giving building owners the ability to control usage and save on spiraling electricity costs. The system communicates with building and grid management devices to control usage and support load fluxuations, mitigating the risks associated with voltage drops and outages. The Joule.System can be used to integrate and firm renewable generation (solar and wind) for integration into the utility grid, or to create a standalone microgrid. From kilowatt to megawatt applications, Joule.System’s modular design and comprehensive software is adaptable and scalable to meet the needs of virtually any sized configuration or application.

Demand Energy

Volume: March/April 2013