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Electroluminescence inspection for modules

14 Nov 2016

Electroluminescence inspection for modules highlights defective parts and process problems and indicates possible warranty issues with absolute reliability. MOD-Q EL, the electroluminescence inspection tool from ISRA VISION/GP SOLAR, accommodates a wide variety of manufacturing scenarios, be it automated or manual inspection, inline or offline. The reliable system achieves cycle times of less than 30 seconds for optimum throughput. High resolutions allow even the smallest defects to be detected. The automatic defect detection and classification offers outstanding reliability. With the newly developed MOD-Q VISION, optical inspection or a combination of electroluminescence and optical inspection are equally successful. Optical inspection of solar modules is essential for shipping high-quality products. Automated inspection reveals more defects and is much more reliable than inspection by the naked eye, which is impractical for high throughputs, especially when the highest quality standards are needed. Optical inspection with ISRA VISION/GP SOLAR delivers cost-efficient automatic optical inspection at resolutions of up to 25 μm/pixel. The inspection is based on established algorithms and supports any print pattern and the latest cell designs, including multi-wire, IBC and more. Cycle times of less than 30 seconds per module can be achieved. MOD-Q VISION is easy to integrate into new and existing production lines and is also suitable for framed and unframed modules after lamination.


Volume: 2016 November/December