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Digital secondary standard pyranometer

14 Nov 2016

The new digital SR30 Secondary Standard pyranometer from Hukseflux features a patent pending 'internal' maintenance-free heated ventilation system which circulates heated or non-heated air flow between the inner and outer pyranometer domes, suppressing the formation of dew and frost on the pyranometer outer dome optic. The internal low power heated airflow, < 2.1 Watts max power, also serves to rapidly accelerate the evaporation of rain or snow after a storm event, resulting in a high level of performance and data availability. Standard SR30 features include an internal digital tilt sensor, humidity, pressure, and case temperature sensor. All critical sensor data, including sensor serial number and calibration data, are all available via RS485 RTU / Modbus connection. The maintenance-free internal desiccant and sealed internal ventilation design, translate into reduced cost of sensor ownership.

HuksefluxUSA, Inc. |

Volume: 2016 November/December