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Digital pyranometer

20 May 2014

The latest SR20-D1 pyranometer from Hukseflux features a digital output signal, for communication over RS-485 (Modbus protocol). Ideal for POA and GHI solar resource assessment applications, the SR20-D1 processes the irradiance signal onboard and outputs the measurement resultant in W/m² units when polled by the host SCADA/logger system. Compliant to the most stringent ISO-9060 Secondary Standard instrument class, every SR20-D1 pyranometer is characterized extensively during production, to ensure full performance compliance in accordance with the ISO-9060 standard. Unique to the SR20-D1 model, the factory derived temperature response test data is employed by the onboard instrument electronics to actively compensate for any temperature dependency effect. The result is a degree of measurement performance that’s currently unsurpassed by any competing Secondary Standard instrument manufacturer under the most extreme of operating conditions.



Volume: May/June 2014