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DC solid state contactors

15 Jul 2021

Nominal Controls Inc. has released their new Mach-1 DC Contactors. This release extends the company's DC solid state switching capability to the 100 to 400ADC range. Mach-1 DC contactors incorporate the latest semiconductor technology in an industry-standard panel mount solid state relay package. They can handle high current, high voltage, and high frequency applications operating at up to 400A nominal (1200A inrush), 1500VDC, and 10kHz. Mach-1 DC solid state contactors enable new feasibility with retrofitting higher voltage electro-mechanical contactors, interrupting current in <20μs for down-line protection, fine-tuning DC power with PWM up to 10kHz, and supporting direct CMOS/TTL inputs from computers, Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices. Mach-1 DC solid state contactors include no moving parts, they are arc-free and noise-free, MTBF >3million hours, or 50-300 million cycles, DC controlled with diagnostic LED indicator, optional NC/NO auxiliary output for advanced models, patent pending high-reliability construction, made in Canada with semiconductors from the USA.

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Volume: 2021 July/August