DC-coupled solar + battery solution

The SolarEdge Home ‘Rate Saver’ solar + battery solution for California provides homeowners who do not require home back-up a cost-effective way to maximize electricity savings with a battery that is integrated with NEM 3.0 specific battery management algorithms. SolarEdge Home ‘Rate Saver’ removes the need for additional equipment typically required for home back-up, significantly cutting installation times and reducing the battery system cost for homeowners by up to 38%. In addition, the DC-Coupled solution can provide up to 7% more solar power with system efficiency by eliminating the ‘triple-conversion penalty’, with two less power conversions required than AC-coupled alternatives. Homeowners will be able to further reduce their payback periods by maximizing Time-of-Use features using stored battery power, while also optimizing energy bill savings by exporting energy at peak rates. SolarEdge’s next generation software leverages advanced NEM 3.0 specific battery management algorithms to discharge stored energy at peak rates autonomously.  For homeowners looking to add back-up capabilities, back-up can easily be added with the system engineered for high-speed commissioning. Homeowners have two options for back-up: SolarEdge Home ‘Essential Back-Up’ to handle essential loads like lights, refrigerators, computers, and garage door openers, and SolarEdge Home ‘Full Home Back-Up’, which works across the home managing larger loads like HVAC units and well pumps for longer outage periods.

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Volume: 2023 March/April