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Crimping tool

20 Jul 2012

Crimping toolThe Rennsteig Crimp System Tool is designed so users can fabricate their own PV-cables and adaptors. Rennsteig offers interchangeable die sets and locators for all major terminal manufacturers. Each type and size of terminals needs its own crimp. Just squeezing it isn’t enough; it’s imperative to get exactly the right dimension crimp for a perfect and secured connection. When new connectors come out and gain ground, new die sets are made for them. But with Rennsteig Crimp System Tool, one doesn’t have to invest in a whole new crimp tool each time. Simply get additional die sets to fit this existing crimp tool, and be ready to install the latest gear.

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As seen in: Intersolar North America 2012 Show-in-Print
Volume: July/August 2012