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Consumer Reports-style buyers guide

15 Sep 2019

The Buyer’s Guide from EnergySage is a Consumer Reports-style tool for researching, comparing, and evaluating solar equipment. Built with data and analysis from National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), this new tool empowers consumers and the industry to easily compare solar panels, inverters, and batteries based on quality, performance, and price. The Buyer’s Guide can be used in two key ways by consumers: as the starting point to their solar shopping journey by finding and evaluating equipment, narrowing down their options and then proactively seeking quotes for a specific equipment package, and as a way to better understand the value of the equipment they've been quoted by installers both on and off EnergySage so that they can make confident, well-informed purchase decisions. The Buyer's Guide will help the industry differentiate their products, build brand awareness, and gain valuable insight into consumer preferences.

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Volume: 2019 September/October