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Configure-to-order solar combiners

19 Jul 2010

Configure-to-order (CTO) solar combiners Bentek Solar introduces the first string combiners in a family of standard and configure-to-order (CTO) solar combiners that surpass the solar industry’s most demanding requirements. These string combiners are designed with innovative features aiming at increasing reliability and flexibility while reducing installation time and costs. The Bentek Solar combiners provide numerous features including models in 600VDC and 1000VDC, integrated disconnects with load-break capability, UL1741 as well as CSA section 107 approval, maximum GF protection, complete data collection, real-time systems monitoring, and availability. Additionally, the Bentek Solar combiners allow for an easy integration and reduced requirements for field service and repair. Also, with the Bentek Solar combiners numerous variables can be monitored simultaneously including tracking, shadowing, contamination, breakage, shorting, opens, and material degradation.

Bentek Solar

Volume: July/August 2010