Conductive adhesives for solar modules

Engineered Material Systems, Inc. (EMS) announces the introduction of its new CA-150 Series Snap Cure, Low Cost Conductive Adhesive for stringing and shingling crystalline silicon and Heterojunction solar modules. The EMS CA-150 series is designed for use in modified ribbon stringers. The material will snap cure and fixture cells and ribbons in seconds at 150 °C with enough strength to withstand module manufacturing processes until the adhesive cure is completed during the encapsulant lamination process. EMS CA-150 series conductive adhesives can be dispensed by time-pressure, auger, or jetting. The adhesive is more stress absorbing than solder to withstand the rigors of thermal cycling and processes at lower temperatures than solder.

Engineered Materials Systems, Inc. (EMS) |

Volume: 2017 May/June