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Commercial rooftop CPV system 

21 May 2012

EMCORE’s Soliant 1000 Commercial Rooftop Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) System delivers a powerful, reliable, and cost-effective solar solution for commercial buildings with high-energy demands. It can deliver more than 500 watts peak with EMCORE’s Terrestrial Receiver Assembly, fresnel lens, and patent-pending TipTilt Tracking dual-axis technology, which tracks the sun’s movement within 1/10 of one-degree. This ensures that critical peak-hour energy output stays strong because the EMCORE Soliant 1000 continues to generate power during crucial afternoon peak hours, while other systems lose power. The EMCORE Soliant 1000 is lightweight, compact, easy-to-install, low-maintenance, and provides unsurpassed energy output, long-term reliability, and the lowest cost of energy for commercial rooftops.   


As seen in: Intersolar Europe 2012 Show-in-Print
Volume: May/June 2012