Commercial Energy Storage a Win-Win

A Case Study for Commercial Energy Storage Solutions

In January 2019, CPS America partnered with Allied Energy to install an energy storage solution for an Allied Energy commercial client. They chose to work with CPS America's smart storage system specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial and industrial customers. Commercial and industrial customers are often an overlooked segment of the energy storage market, with many storage companies focusing solely on residential or utility-scale needs.

The client, located in San Diego, California, came to Allied Energy with a specific goal in mind - to reduce their demand charges. Like many commercial customers high demand charges made up a large portion of their electrical bill. On review and design, Allied Energy and the client determined that a target reduction of 20kW made the most sense for the site and savings.

About the CPS America Solution

The client and Allied Energy chose to go with the CPS ESS turnkey system because it not only provides a fully integrated solution, with power conversion, lithium batteries, and balance of system components engineered to work seamlessly, but for the integrated software package and financial performance warranty. Using advanced Energy Toolbase analysis, Energy Toolbase's Intelligent Energy Management System-iEMS, and Energy Datahub monitoring, CPS ESS systems offer performance guarantees of 80% of modelled savings depending on the site. Microgrid backup capability can be incorporated into the system's functionality which gives added value for the customer for a small added cost. Listed to UL9540, with a NEMA-3R enclosure, and a 10-year warranty, the CPS ESS system is built to last.


Allied Energy, along with CPS America - who provides on-site commissioning services as part of the standard warranty for commercial ESS solutions, began installation of the new CPS ESS-30kW/65kWh system on a lovely San Diego morning. Installation was quick and was completed in three hours.Allied was thrilled with the ease of installation, which lowered overall labor costs, and minimized impact to the client. "This is the easiest storage installation I've ever done," stated Simon Allan, the president of Allied Energy.

For Solar + Storage systems, EPCs can increase their corporate margins by 50% to 100% by adding batteries to existing solar installations.


The client is consistently seeing actual demand reductions of 25kW and more every month as predicted by the Energy Toolbase Analysis.

By adding CPS Energy Storage Systems, paybacks will be improved by mitigating demand and time-of-use charges. Battery systems are well positioned to take advantage of increasing Demand and Time of Use charges as tariffs become less solar friendly. 

CPS America

CPS America, a subsidiary of Chint Electric, is a smart energy solution provider focused on value and performance for our customers. With over 85,000 PV inverters in the U.S. and an exceptional engineering and service team based in Texas, CPS America is ready to support your next smart energy project.

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