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Class 4 frameless solar module

20 May 2014

Lumos Solar announced that their LSX frameless solar module has undergone durability testing never-before-seen in the solar industry—emerging unscathed. Test modules underwent extreme architectural-grade hail testing to confirm that LSX is, to date, the industry’s most impact-resistant solar module. LSX’s 6 mm frontsheet glass sets it apart from the framed module competition, which utilizes 3.2 mm or 4 mm glass. Other frameless designs tend to use two sheets of glass, thereby limiting the frontsheet to only 2 mm or 3 mm glass. LSX’s 6 mm of protection increases its impact strength to the top of the list with a Class 4 rating (typical solar testing laboratories only offer up to Class 3 hail impact testing).

Lumos Solar

Volume: May/June 2014