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Circuit-level energy intelligence

22 Sep 2015
Curb, an advanced real-time home and solar monitoring system, tracks solar energy production and all devices using electricity in the home, providing insights to make smarter decisions about power consumption. Curb’s 18 circuit-level current sensors (CT clamps) provide total home consumption, grid vs solar production comparisons, and breaker-level energy usage details. The accompanying software suite enables users to view second-by-second energy data from any mobile device. An integrated alerting sys-tem provides actionable notifications when there is an opportunity save, and a web dashboard enables the identification of energy trends. Weekly emails report power us-age and provide specific suggestions tailored to the home to help cut costs and con-serve power the following week. Curb’s integration into the SmartThings platform even enables remote control of devices directly from the Curb app. 
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Volume: September/October 2015