Charge Robotics Completes First Deployment of Sunrise Solar Construction Robotics System

Charge Robotics, the leading innovator in solar construction automation, announces successful deployment of Sunrise, its groundbreaking solar construction robotics system. Sunrise is the world’s first fully automated solar construction system designed to assemble, quality control, and install solar tracking hardware.

The recent landmark deployment of Sunrise, in partnership with the nation’s leading solar EPC contractor and solar services provider SOLV Energy, signifies a major leap in advancing utility-scale solar installations.

George Hershman, CEO of SOLV Energy, noted, "It’s clear that current solar installation methods can’t scale to transform the grid. We need new solutions and approaches to keep pace with rapidly growing demand."

Record growth in utility solar installations is expected in 2024, and to continue through 2030. Efforts to accelerate the transition to solar energy have repeatedly been impacted by labor shortages, creating a pressing need for more advanced installation technologies.

"We are impressed with Charge Robotics’ technology. It offers the potential to radically accelerate our business growth, deploy solar projects faster, and support our people with additional tools to do their work safely and efficiently," shared Hershman.

Charge Robotics’ solar robotics system Sunrise assists construction crews with solar hardware assembly, eliminating or reducing tedious, laborious or unsafe manual operations. Sunrise autonomously assembles parts into completed solar bays, conducts quality control using advanced computer vision, and performs field installations.

Charge Robotics’ co-founder and CEO Banks Hunter expressed, “This deployment marks a major milestone for the Charge Robotics team and our technology. We’re excited to develop the world’s most advanced systems, accelerating our nation’s energy transition to renewables.”

“SOLV has proven themselves to be one of the most visionary leaders in the construction industry. We’re thrilled to continue building the future of the energy industry with such an excellent partner,” added Hunter.

To reach SEIA’s target of nearly 850GW solar energy by 2030, annual solar deployment must scale seven times that of 2020. Achieving this magnitude today is not feasible with current methods. Charge Robotics’ technology removes a key bottleneck in advancing the nation’s solar, driving cutting-edge solutions that will benefit customers and industries worldwide. Charge Robotics is dedicated to innovating in the installation space to lead our world to a Net Zero future.

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