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Centralized DC:DC converter New!

14 Sep 2022

Alencon Systems LLC has launched the CUBE - its newest line-up of high power, high voltage DC:DC converters for alternative energy applications. The CUBE  - (Combined Universal Buck/Boost Power Electronics) is a compact, centralized DC:DC optimizer. The CUBE is available to support both 1000V and 1500V DC:DC applications. The CUBE is available in two modalities – the CUBE-PV for solar applications and the CUBE-ES for battery energy storage applications. The CUBE offers a high level of power density achieved via a silicon carbide-based power train. The CUBE is currently patent pending with the United States Patent Office. For large scale PV plants, the CUBE-PV provides distributed energy harvesting to increase energy yield for projects using larger central inverters. By operating at higher voltage and lower current, the CUBE-PV allows for less copper to be used in the balance of the system. Additionally, the CUBE-PV allows PV plants to be “storage ready.” The CUBE-PV can also be a tool for repowering older PV arrays. For battery energy storage applications, the CUBE-ES offers a highly dense, cost-effective package for integrating batteries into DC coupled solar plus storage projects. The CUBE-ES is a solution for stepping up voltage from lower voltage batteries to higher voltage power conversion systems (PCS). As a result of its high switching frequency, the CUBE provides little additional fault current contribution to a battery energy storage system.

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Volume: 2022 September/October