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Central inverter certified to UL 62109 standard

14 Nov 2016

SMA's newest central inverter is a solution for 1,500 VDC applications and also is UL certified to the new UL 62109 standard. The Sunny Central 2500-EV-US provides 2,500 kVA at 1,500 VDC, allowing developers, owners, and EPCs to benefit from cost reductions due to balance-of-system savings. The Sunny Central 2500-EV-US inverter saves costs by reducing the size of the DC cabling, as well as the quantity of combiner boxes and medium-voltage equipment required. Additionally, fewer system components are needed per inverter pad due to the integrated DC fuse servicing switches and convenience power. The Sunny Central 2500-EV-US represents a new level of safety, functionality, and reliability, as it complies with UL 62109, addressing the latest safety, ground fault, and electric shock testing requirements established to address modern PV inverter designs. 
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Volume: 2016 November/December