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Cable gland system

21 Jul 2013

The new, fourth generation of cable glands, Euro-Top EMC, not only prevent intrusion by dust and humidity, but also considerably reduce interference from electro-magnetic fields. This allows uninterrupted operation and prevents surges, circuit feedback, radio interference, and interspersion in highly sensitive plants, such as those used for measurement and control technology, as well as for solar power. Today housings, electronic modules, cables, and control lines are regularly shielded from interference; however, if control and supply lines are installed in housings and cabinets that have a higher voltage and more power, it often causes damage to the shield.

The patented contact system of the new cable gland system facilitates quick and safe cable connection at all times by remaining open, allowing the stripped cable to be simply pulled through. Shielded cables can be turned, pulled further in, or pushed out trouble-free, without any negative effects on the exposed cable shield. Afterwards, the cable is fixed in the gland with the cap nut, and the contact system automatically lies on the shield, ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The new Euro-Top EMC generation meets the requirements of protection types IP68 and IP69K for the entire gland range. It’s available in sizes M12 to M63 for cables from 3 mm to 44 mm in diameter.



Volume: July/August 2013