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Brittmore Group LLC

20 May 2013

Brittmore Group LLC

Product: WaveRack PV Ground Mount

Application (roof, ground-mount, utility-scale): Utility-scale ground mount

Type: Fixed

Angle: 5° to 35°

Material: Galvanized steel

Pre- or Post-assembly? Pre-panelized module assemblies; factory configured tilt angle

Certifications/Approvals: Pending

Warranty: 10 years


Key features:

  • Rapid rack assembly with no field adjustment;
  • Pre-panelized frameless or framed modules;
  • Automated panel delivery by robotic shuttles; and
  • Populate entire arrays from one end with centralized logistics, so there’s no heavy equipment between rows.



As seen in: SOLAR Spotlight: Racking Systems
Volume: May/June 2013