Product: RPS TL-UL Modular Inverter System

Application: Utility-scale solar power plants

Continuous Output Power: Scalable ratings from 367 kW to 1400 kW

Weighted CEC Efficiency: 98.0% (estimated)

Peak Efficiency Range: 500 VDC to 700 VDC

DC Voltage Operating Range: 500/550 VDC to 875 VDC (dependent on inverter model)

Operating Temperature Range: -20° C to +55° C  (-4° F to 131° F)

Dimensions: 94.5" to 197" x 83" x 31.5" (dependent on inverter model)

Certifications/Approvals: Listed to UL1741-2010; IEEE 1547

Warranty: 5-year standard, with optional extended warranty to 20 years


Key Features:

•          Dual UL/CSA listing at 1000 VDC;

•          Modular design and optional configurations to support floating and grounded arrays;

•          Multi-MPPT Tracking capability for increased energy harvest; and

•          Power management functions, including LVRT, HVRT, frequency ride-through, and power factor control.



As seen in: SOLAR Spotlight: Commercial Inverters
Volume: July/August 2013