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Battery-less off-grid solar EV charging solution New!

07 Mar 2023

CyboEnergy, Inc.has introduced a battery-less off-grid solar EV charging solution. This unique electric vehicle (EV) charging solution is based on CyboEnergy’s AC assisted off-grid solar inverter technology. The system includes one AC assisted off-grid master inverter on the left and one or multiple slave inverters, all daisy-chained or connected via an AC bus. The electric grid or an AC generator can provide needed AC power to the system through the AC input port of the master inverter. This way, the off-grid solar system can provide EV charging 24/7 in solar only mode, AC input power mode, or combined power mode. For example, one master inverter and three slave inverters with 16 solar panels can provide up to 5KW AC power for EV charging. This system can also be used for EV charging. CyboEnergy's battery-less off-grid solar systems can start and run EV chargers 24/7 with consistent performance under solar and load variations. It has many unique features and advantages including: distributed power system design allowing the use of a smaller number of solar panels and inverters, scalable and modular with multiple sub-systems, plug-and-play installation, and low in cost and maintenance with no batteries.

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