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Arcadia Expands Residential Community Solar to Maine

04 Mar 2021

Arcadia, a clean energy technology company offering a monthly subscription service connecting renters and homeowners across the US to wind and solar energy, announced the expansion of its community solar program into Maine. Community solar allows anyone to directly support a new solar project in their community and get cheaper, cleaner energy at home. Instead of installing panels on a roof, customers can subscribe to a solar farm without fees or long-term contracts. As the solar farm generates energy, customers earn savings on their power bills and more clean energy is added to the local grid. 

Two-thirds of Americans, or 85 million households, aren't able to put solar panels on their rooftops. That's a huge gap in access that particularly impacts renters, those who can't afford to buy or finance panels, or those who have a shady rooftop that isn't a good fit for rooftop panels. Community solar makes it possible for everyone, not just those with the ideal financial circumstances, to access affordable clean energy. Arcadia is the largest manager of residential community solar subscriptions in the U.S., and has pioneered a no-credit check, no long-term contract model that is consumer friendly and opens access to everyone—regardless of economic status. 

"The future of energy is people-powered, and we look forward to bringing Maine households hassle-free guaranteed solar savings," said Kiran Bhatraju, CEO of Arcadia. "Community solar can, and should, be easy to access for everyone from Portland to Millinocket."

The expansion of Arcadia community solar into Maine comes through partnerships with leading community solar developer BlueWave Solar and leading solar project financier Summit Ridge Energy (SRE). 

"Summit Ridge is excited to partner again with Arcadia to help subscribe our ever-growing community solar fleet," said SRE CEO Steve Raeder. "Once construction activities are completed in 2022, thousands of households, along with dozens of commercial customers, will realize monthly utility savings while simultaneously supporting a greener Maine."

"We're pleased to work with Arcadia to provide residential customers in Maine with a convenient way to support local, clean energy," said Trevor Hardy, CEO of BlueWave Solar. "Our partnership with Arcadia is part of BlueWave's broader development efforts and customer outreach in Maine which also includes community solar for both small and large businesses, energy storage, and partnerships with farmers to deploy agrivoltaics - solar paired with active agricultural uses. We are excited to bring the benefits of solar to all of these stakeholders and contribute to Maine's commitment to a clean energy future."

The expansion is also an important step in Arcadia's nationwide effort to reach a 100% renewable energy future. Arcadia has partnered with solar developers to add 89 new projects in MD, RI, MA, IL, CO, NY, DC, and ME in 2021. In their first year of operation, these community solar projects should generate 400,000 WH of clean energy, enough clean solar to power 48,000 homes for a year. 

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